De Testpiloten

On August 1 2011 the album “Morgen” by De Testpiloten was released. De Testpiloten consisted of my longtime musical partner Edwin and myself, with guest appearances by Lucia (vocals), Edgar (sax) and Ton (drums).

I learned an awful lot from writing, arranging, recording and mixing this album. The most important lessons were that I know nothing and that knowing nothing should not stand in the way of trying.

Listening back today, five years after the release of the album (which didn’t sell), I am tempted to go back to the mixdown and do a remaster. Of course, I would have done everything differently today, which is a good thing. But all in all I like what I am hearing. Except for the mastering.

“Morgen” is still available as download or stream through iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Spotify, etc. And if you would like a physical copy (or more than one) on cd, let me know.

With the EP “Dichtbij”, after six years there finally is a new release by De Testpiloten.

More info: (Currently only in Dutch)

Dichtbij - De Testpiloten (DTEP03)

"Morgen" De Testpiloten