Tegels – Antal Adriaanse

After 20 or so years in bands such as The Hatch, Yoe Teek Mie In De Meeling, In ‘t Wild and De Testpiloten (some more successful than others) in December 2013 Antal Adriaanse released his debut ep Tegels.

Tegels continues a journey Adriaanse started with In ‘t Wild and De Testpiloten; popsongs with heads and tails, with Dutch lyrics, colourful and transparent sounds. A bit rougher and more edgy. And this time Adriaanse sings the songs. Admittedly not a great singer, but these stories needed to be told by him.

With its roots in sixties and seventies music Tegels is a set of songs played by an experienced musician who doesn’t really needs to do it, but still wants to. He has left behind the dreams of success, hits and fame fortune gold. Writing songs, recording and playing them, that’s all what it is about.

The six songs on Tegels each tell their own story, both musically and lyrically. At the same time the songs are six chapters of a short novel. The lyrics describe a crossroads in life, viewed from several sides, recognizable and familiar.

Adriaanse recorded everything in his home studio, played all instruments, sang all vocal parts, mixed and mastered the ep, and designed the artwork. Just because it is possible.

Tegels – Antal Adriaanse (Tal’s Muziek Fabriek – AAEP34 – Releasedatum: 12/2013)

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contact: info@antaladriaanse.com

Tegels – Antal Adriaanse (Tal’s Muziek Fabriek - AAEP34)